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MAY 25 UPDATE: We are pleased to share two items for your review:
• Notice of Region 2 Biweekly 1115 Transformation Waiver Meetings [get details or agenda]
• Update from HHSC –(August summit, survey closing, PFM protocol) Published, May 25, 2012 [view update]
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MAY 21 LETTER RE CNA: During our community meetings in April, we shared the overall process that we planned to use to conduct the Community Needs Assessment (CNA) for Region 2. I am pleased to announce that the CNA process has begun, and I wanted to take this opportunity to provide additional details about the progression and how to get involved. See complete letter...


Program Funding and Mechanics Protocol:  HHSC has released a draft Program Funding and Mechanics Protocol. It outlines the state’s working document for Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) requirements. The draft protocol is based on HHSC’s developing approach and is subject to change based on feedback from Texas stakeholders, HHSC leadership and CMS.  CMS must approve the protocol before Texas regions can move forward with DSRIP projects.  The draft protocol outlines the minimum number of projects, organization of the Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Plan, plan review process, required reporting, allocation of available pool funds, valuation of projects, disbursement of funds, and plan modifications. While the entire protocol is subject to change, HHSC is unsure whether CMS will approve the State’s proposed approach to the following items outlined in the draft protocol based on discussions to date: DSRIP requirements to be eligible for UC payments, UC and DSRIP allocation methodology, methodology for allocating funding among DSRIP Categories, the minimum number of projects, valuation of projects, and variation of requirements across regions.

MAY 15 UPDATE: We are working on structuring a regional panel that will assist in coordinating activities within Region 2. We will be reaching out to stakeholders soon to discuss this concept, provide information on a comprehensive, region-wide community needs assessment project and announce weekly standing meetings/teleconferences for Region 2. More details will follow; contact us with questions.

Also, below are most recent versions of the proposed Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) map and anchor list. The current map has UTMB anchoring Region 2, with 16 counties included.


RHP Map 5-11-12


UTMB recently hosted the latest in a series of community-wide meetings for the local proposed Region 2. These meetings were an opportunity to share the latest information and discuss regional and local project ideas for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Pool (DSRIP). Participants also heard and discussed community needs and concerns related to the 1115 waiver program.   Meetings were held in Beaumont, League City and Lufkin.


UTMB hosted a series of community-wide meetings throughout the local proposed region in late February  to share what we knew about the 1115 waiver at that time.  These meetings were also an opportunity to discuss regional and local project ideas for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Pool (DSRIP) as well as to hear and discuss community needs and concerns from potential participants in the 1115 waiver program.   Meetings were held in Beaumont, Galveston, Lufkin, Sugarland and The Woodlands.  

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