SEPTEMBER 29 Update: In follow-up to the most recent RHP 2 meeting, please find attached the following documents (Please note that the executive overview and summary of community needs were previously posted; they are being posted again with revised file names for your convenience and clarity):

  • Final instructions for completing DSRIP proposals [download]
  • Word version of the RHP Planning Protocol [download]
  • Region 2 Executive Overview (summarized Region 2 goals) [download]
  • Region 2 Summary of Community Needs [download]
  • Valuation Grid [download]
  • Proposed Valuation Criteria [download]
    • Please note that while each institution needs to determine the value of their projects, the valuation criteria and grid are those suggested by the anchor after discussion with regional stakeholders. 

While every effort has been made to assure that everything is correct in these documents, we would appreciate it if you would please contact us if you find any errors. 

Uncompensated Care Tool:

HHSC has posted a revised UC Tool:

Please note that the revised tool is due October 26, 2012. 

Pass 1 Workbooks

The Pass 1 workbooks can be found on the HHSC website here:

On the anchor call Friday afternoon, HHSC indicated that they are aware of the idiosyncrasies in the workbooks (if you move backward in the workbook, you could delete later work).  It is very important that you complete the workbook in the steps outlined within the workbook to avoid this issue. 

Additionally, step 9 of the electronic workbook contains formatting issues.  The dollar amount shows up as a percentage rather than as dollars.  Please ignore this formatting issue.  HHSC will not be reposting a new workbook.

You will need to send your completed workbook to us at UTMB along with all of your DSRIP proposals for inclusion in the RHP plan.

HHSC Updates from Anchor Call

  • CMS has notified HHSC that due to the size of the Transformation Waiver in Texas, CMS expects to conduct a federal review of IGT sources used in the waiver sometime next year.
  • Every private hospital participating in UC or DSRIP must have an affiliation agreement with the entity providing the IGT.  UC affiliation agreements are due to HHSC by October 26th, affiliation agreements for DSRIP must be submitted with the RHP plan. Please note that your pass 1 workbook will ask for affiliation agreement number, if it is a new affiliation agreement, please put “unknown” in this field, as the affiliation number is assigned by HHSC.
  • HHSC confirmed that community mental health centers’ general revenue (including maintenance of effort funds) are an allowable source of IGT for the waiver. 

Minutes from Sept. 28 Full Region Meeting

  • The minutes are availble from Friday's full Region 2 meeting. [download]

Please do not hesitate to contact Katrina or Craig with any questions you have as you work to complete your DSRIP proposals and workbooks. 


SEPTEMBER 28 Update: If you plan to listen in to this morning’s instructional session on how to complete your DSRIP project according to the new DSRIP template, please note that in addition to the documents I emailed yesterday afternoon, you will also need the new documents referenced below.  If you are attending in person, we will have copies of all of these documents available (with the exception of the 430 page RHP Planning Protocol, which you can find on the HHSC website). 

Again, the HHSC webinar started today at 9 a.m.

Because the HHSC webinar ended early, we will begin the RHP 2 meeting 15 minutes early.  Please dial in at 10:15 a.m. 

Participant code: 3020674
(Available at 10:30 a.m.)


SEPTEMBER 27 Update: Yesterday, HHSC received federal approval of the Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Planning Protocol (DSRIP menu) for the Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver.  The protocol provides the menu of project areas approved by HHSC and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and options that contribute to delivery transformation and quality improvement. Only projects from this menu and performed as outlined in an HHSC- and a CMS-approved RHP Plan with corresponding measures, milestones and performance targets are eligible for payments from the DSRIP pool. The approved RHP Planning Protocol is posted on the HHSC Transformation Website.

The Program Funding and Mechanics (PFM) Protocol and the RHP Planning Protocol (DSRIP menu) serve as the basis for RHP Plan development. The PFM Protocol was approved on August 31, 2012.

HHSC also posted the final RHP Plan Template, a draft Companion document with additional instructions, and the electronic workbooks for Pass 1 Performing Providers as specified in the PFM. The Companion document includes a target timeline for RHP Plan submission for review and approval by HHSC and CMS. A final Checklist will follow later this week.

HHSC is hosting a webinar to assist regions with next steps for RHP Plan development and submission:

RHP Planning Protocol Webinar
Friday, Sept. 28, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.:
1) Go to
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 808 604 246 (no password necessary)
4) Call 1-800-396-3172 (no password necessary)

You can choose to log in online to view the slides and listen to the audio conference OR call in only for the audio portion. If you call in, you should do so 15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar. You will automatically be connected to the meeting room and will hear music until the start of the webinar.

If you experience technical difficulties accessing the webinar or should you have any questions, please email waiver staff at:  For updated materials and to sign up for email alerts, please refer to the state's waiver website.

SEPTEMBER 26 Update: Please see the following important information regarding this week’s Region 2 1115 Waiver Meeting.
RHP2 1115 Waiver Planning Meeting
Friday, September 28, 2012

For those joining in person at UTMB Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes (League City, Texas), we will broadcast the HHSC RHP Planning Protocol Webinar beginning at 9 am in the 2nd Floor Conference Room (VL 2.205).

Immediately following the HHSC webinar (approximately 10:30 am), we will:

  • Provide a tutorial on completing your DSRIP project(s) in the newly published DSRIP template. This will be an important session with hands-on, detailed presentations led by the RHP 2 Waiver Construction Team.
  • Present new planning documents and discuss additional resources prepared by the RHP 2 Anchor Team, including:
    • Community Needs Assessment Table/Grid
    • RHP 2 (Regional) Goals
    • Proposed DSRIP Project Valuation Methodology Worksheet

For those who plan to dial in for Part 2 of the meeting (tutorial and planning/resource discussion), we will open up phone line as soon as the HHSC webinar is over (approximately 10:30 am or sooner). Please use the following to:

Access RHP Planning Protocol Webinar
Friday, September 28, 2012
9:00 am – 10:30 am:
1) Go to
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 808 604 246 (no password necessary)
4) Call 1.800.396.3172 (no password necessary)

Access RHP 2 Post-Webinar Discussion
Audio Conference Option:
Participant Code:

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to your participation on Friday.

SEPTEMBER 25 Update 1: This Friday, September 28, 2012, RHP 2 will hold a meeting at UTMB Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes for the ENTIRE region at 8:30 am. 

Please note that this Friday’s meeting was originally scheduled as a Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting; however, given the newly published 1115 Waiver information provided by HHSC and the number of stakeholders who did not complete today’s HHSC webinar due to the technical difficulties, we feel a region-wide meeting Friday is critical to walk through the new information in detail, discuss timeline/next steps and understand what stakeholders will have active DSRIP programs to move forward (with secured IGT).

While we will offer a call-in option, we strongly suggest those that can attend in person do so for this very important meeting.

Audio Conference Option:
Participant Code:

Please take time to review the new HHSC documents on either the RHP 2 or HHSC website.

SEPTEMBER 24 Update 2 : HHSC has important updates on two (2) items related to RHP plan development.

RHP Planning Protocol: HHSC is pleased to share that they have just updated the website to include the version of the RHP Planning Protocol for which CMS has indicated it will grant final approval. CMS has indicated that there will not be changes to this document. We have not received the formal approval letter, however. We will post the formally-approved document as soon as we receive it.

Electronic workbooks: The electronic workbooks are undergoing a few technical changes and clarifications. HHSC expects to repost the workbooks by COB Tuesday. The changes/clarifications include:

  1.  Step 1 – “Opting Out of DSRIP” Notes should state that if selecting “Yes”, then skip to Step 7a.
  2.  Step 2 – Max Pass 1 DSRIP Allotment will be updated to populate the correct allocations by DY.
  3.  Step 2 – Allotments will be corrected for a rounding issue.

SEPTEMBER 24 Update: Important updates for performing providers

Since the October 5th deadline for submission of your DSRIP projects to UTMB is drawing near, we wanted to provide the following reminders and updates to help you in that work.

HHSC Webinars:

RHP Planning Protocol Webinar (DSRIP)
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 from 9:00 am – 10:30 am:
1) Go to
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 804 935 154 (no password necessary)
4) Call 1-800-396-3172 (no password necessary)

RHP Plan Template Webinar
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm:
1) Go to
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 804 128 626 (no password necessary)
4) Call 1-800-396-3172 (no password necessary)

HHSC DSRIP project template - NEW

HHSC has finalized the RHP template, which includes the required template for DSRIP projects.  The new DSRIP project template is online, along with instructions.  Please be sure to use a minimum of 12 point font in the narrative and a minimum 10 point font in the tables or it will not meet plan guidelines.  Also, please note that category 1 & 2 projects are limited to 6 pages for the narrative, and category 3 projects are limited to 3 pages. 

[New DSRIP Project template] [Template instructions]

Valuation Guidelines – Revised and updated

We have updated the valuation criteria guidelines, which is now online.  You will notice that the number of categories to score has been reduced.  However, there is much more detail within each of these categories to help provide some guidance on how to score within each category.  This continues to be a working draft and we will continue to work to refine this as needed.

Also online is the blank valuation worksheet (excel file) that you can use to work through the valuation process for your projects.  The spreadsheet is locked so that you can only fill in those areas that are highlighted in yellow. 

  • Begin with entering your “Total DSRIP allocation” amount by year
  • Next, enter the percentages you want to allocate to each category in each year (.85 for 85%, for example)
  • Then, enter project descriptions with their scores within each category.

Going through these steps should begin to fill in the value amounts by demonstration year in the right-hand portion of the spreadsheet.   As you become more comfortable with the tool and the criteria, you will be able to adjust and edit accordingly.

[Valuation criteria guidelines] [Blank valuation worksheet]

IGT deadline

Just a reminder that if you have not already sent in your response to Craig’s email reminder last week, please let either Craig or myself know by close of business Thursday, September 27th whether you have secured IGT funding, and how much, for all of your DSRIP projects. 

Resource documents for DSRIP

Although HHSC has not yet released the final, approved version of the category 3 DSRIP/RHP planning protocol, we do expect it at any time.  The HHSC website   does include:

  • Approved RHP Planning Protocol project areas and options (for categories 1 & 2)
  • Draft RHP Planning Protocol category 1-4 documents (which provides information on metrics, etc.)
  • Final approved RHP Plan Template that includes a final DSRIP template (referenced above)

We are also working on a Community needs assessment grid that will allow you to reference the community need by number, as well as a document that outlines overall regional goals.  We plan to have those two documents completed by Friday. 

Pass 1 workbooks for performing providers

HHSC has finalized and published on their website a pre-populated workbook for each hospital performing provider by RHP and Texas Provider Identifier (TPI).  This can be found on the HHSC website, indexed by region here:

HHSC did not create pre-populated workbooks for non-hospital providers.  All non-hospital providers should complete a blank workbook, which can also be found on the HHSC website, indexed by region here:

Instructions for completing the workbooks is also available on the HHSC website.  If you have trouble locating the materials for your organization, please contact me and I’ll help.

HHSC/RHP Submission Timeline

Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Plan Submission/Review Timeline
The timeline below targets submission of Pass 1 by October 31 and Pass 2 by November 30, 2012.
However, with regional consensus, RHPs are welcome to submit plans sooner.

  • Sep. 21 – Final RHP Plan Template and Pass 1 workbooks for Performing Providers available for
    RHPs to complete
  • Sep. 21 – Oct. 5 (10 days) – Performing Providers complete Pass 1 DSRIP, including Categories 1‐4 narratives within the RHP Plan Template and all steps in the workbook
  • Sep. 25 – RHP Planning Protocol training
  • Sep. 26 – RHP Plan Template training
  • Sep. 28 – Anchor call
  • Oct. 2 – Pass 1 Anchor Workbook available
  • Oct. 8 – 19 (10 days) – Anchors review & compile Pass 1 DSRIP submitted by Performing Providers and ensure requirements are met. Anchors work with Performing Providers to adjust narratives and workbooks as needed.
  • Oct. 12 – Anchor call
  • Oct. 22 – 26 (5 days) – Post Pass 1 DSRIP for public comment
  • Oct. 22 – Anchors generate Pass 2 Workbooks for all participating Pass 2 Performing Providers and send to Performing Providers
  • Oct. 23 – Nov. 1 (8 days) – Performing Providers complete Pass 2 DSRIP, including Categories 1‐4 narratives within the RHP Plan Template and all steps in the workbook
  • Oct. 26 – Anchor call
  • Oct. 31 – Submit Pass 1 DSRIP to HHSC and CMS with all sections of the RHP Plan completed for Pass 1. Estimated IGT must be identified for all DSRIP.
  • Nov. 2 – Anchor call
  • Nov. 2 – 12 (7 days) – Anchors review & compile Pass 2 DSRIP submitted by Performing Providers and ensure requirements are met. Anchors work with Performing Providers to adjust narratives and workbooks as needed.
  • Nov. 9 – Anchor call
  • Nov. 12 – 16 (5 days) – Anchors identify any DSRIP funding available after Pass 2 and complete Anchor Pass (if applicable) in collaboration with Performing Providers and IGT Entities.
  • Nov. 16 – Anchor call
  • Nov. 19 – 27 (5 days) – Post Pass 2 and Anchor Pass DSRIP for public comment
  • Nov. 30 – Anchor call
  • Nov. 30 – Submit Pass 2 and Anchor Pass projects within complete RHP Plan to HHSC
  • Dec. 1 ‐ Formal 30‐day HHSC review begins
  • Jan. 7 – Formal 45‐day CMS review begins

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SEPTEMBER 20 Update: Here are a few updates and important reminders relating to the 1115 Waiver and RHP 2 planning efforts.  Please review and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


It is our understanding that HHSC is aiming to share approved versions of documents tomorrow, September 21, 2012.  Also, we understand they will publish a more detailed  timeline to guide regions with the submission of their regional health plans. While we will forward information as we receive it from HHSC, please feel free to check the HHSC Transformation Waiver Website periodically for updates.

Updated material on the HHSC website includes:

  • Approved RHP Planning Protocol project areas and options
  • DRAFT RHP Planning Protocol Category 1-4 documents (still under revision) from September 14/September 17, 2012
  • HP Plan Template (still under revision) from September 14, 2012



We need to determine which entities will have projects to include in the RHP 2 submission.  In order for a project to be included there are two critical components:

  • Project meets approved guidelines (category, scope, metrics, etc.).  The approved DSRIP menu expected soon will be the basis for qualifying projects and classifying them into the appropriate category.
  • Projects must have funding. Please advise if you have IGT secured for all/part of your projects and the value of the funding on/before COB Thursday, September 27, 2012 to



ONLINE is a draft of the RHP 2 Valuation Guidelines.  Please note that this is simply an early draft, and we are continuing to refine it over the next few days.  Much of it is borrowed directly from other RHP’s, while some portions are a modification of what other regions are doing.  Within the next few days, we should be able to send performing providers a clean excel template to work with that will accompany these guidelines. 

Please feel free to send any feedback you might have regarding the valuation guidelines directly to Katrina Lambrecht at  As we work to complete a final version of the valuation guidelines, we will strive to incorporate as much of the stakeholder’s feedback as possible.  We anticipate that the number of criteria may be reduced, and are also working on some suggested guidelines within each category. 


RHP Planning Protocol Webinar
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 from 9:00 am – 10:30 am:
1) Go to
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 804 935 154 (no password necessary)
4) Call 1-800-396-3172 (no password necessary)

RHP Plan Template Webinar
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm:
1) Go to
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 804 128 626 (no password necessary)
4) Call 1-800-396-3172 (no password necessary)

SEPTEMBER 18 Update: If under the 1115 Waiver you plan to participate as an IGT Entity, Performing Provider or participate in Uncompensated Care (UC)-only hospital, we need to identify you for inclusion in the Regional Health Plan. To help our construction team, please designate one member of your organization to reply with the following:

  • Organization Name
  • Lead Representative*
  • Contact information for the lead representative (including their title, mailing address, email and phone number).

*Please Note: The lead representative is HHSC’s single point of contact regarding the entity’s participation in the plan.

If you will participate in the 1115 Waiver as a Performing Provider, we need to collect the following:

  • TPI Number
  • TIN Number
  • Ownership Type

Please send this information to Cissy Yoes at

SEPTEMBER 17 Update 2: Just a reminder that this week’s RHP 2 Planning Meeting has been cancelled.  (Friday, September 21, 2012)

Please note:
We will be back on schedule with the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting on Friday, September 28, 2012 and the next RHP 2 Planning Meeting on Friday, October 5, 2012. Please be on the look-out for meeting announcements if we find it necessary to hold a special meeting/call due to HHSC/CMS updates.

SEPTEMBER 17 Update 1: As anticipated, information on the 1115 Waiver is coming fast.  Likewise, we are starting to see various revisions and final drafts being sent to CMS from HHSC.  Please keep an eye out for updates both via e-mail and on our RHP 2 website. 

Online is a draft document of Category 3 outcome domains and measures for your review. Again, this is only a draft.  Please pay special attention to the highlighted change on page 1 of the draft. This change clarifies that if you do not have at least one standalone measure in Category 3 related to each Category 1 and 2 projects, then the requirements of Category 3 can be fulfilled by a combination of at least 3 non-standalone measures. [view Category 3 draft document]

Other items of importance:

  • There has been movement on submission deadlines.  Given the late nature of approvals, CMS and HHSC are working on mutually agreed-upon schedules, which will likely include a two phase submission:
    • By October 31, 2012:  A preliminary regional health plan with full project plans and electronic workbooks for Pass 1 projects.  Prior to submission, plans must have a 5 day public comment period and a public meeting.
    • By November 30, 2012:  Pass 2 projects and final regional health plan submission to HHSC.  Prior to submission, plans must have another 5 day public comment period and a public meeting.
    • It is important to note that these dates are the dates the required items are due to HHSC, not the date they are due to the anchor for compilation.  HHSC will likely publish a schedule that includes deadlines for performing providers to submit items to anchors, anchors to carry out anchor functions, etc.
  • For hospitals participating in UC, there will be updated information posted by HHSC early next week regarding changes to the definition of public and private hospitals for the purposes of IGT affiliation agreements and certifications.  These changes are primarily focused on private operators of a public IGT entity (i.e.: a private operator of a leased hospital district/authority facility).  As a result, affected hospitals may need to submit certifications to HHSC.  The state will be publishing additional information about this very soon.
  • Save the date for two important webinars.
    • September 25, 2012 time TBD:  HHSC will host a webinar to train providers on the approved DSRIP protocol.
    • September 26, 2012 time TBD:  HHSC will host a webinar to train providers on the approved regional health plan template, which includes project plan templates and formats.

Please refer to the draft timeline below based on the HHSC Anchor Call Friday, September 14, 2012:

Draft timeline:

    • September 2, 2012 – Targeted RHP Planning Protocol Approval
    • September 2, 2012  – Post final RHP Plan Template and Pass 1 workbooks for RHPs to complete
    • September 2, 2012 – October 5, 2012 (10 days) – Performing Providers complete Pass 1 templates and workbooks
    • October 8 – 19, 2012 (10 days) – Anchors review and compile Pass 1 projects and ensure requirements are met.
    • October 22 – 26, 2012 (5 days) – Post Pass 1 projects for public comment
    • October 31, 2012 – Submit Pass 1 projects to HHSC and CMS with all applicable sections of the RHP Plan
    • October 23 – November, 2102 (8 days) – Performing Providers complete Pass 2 templates and workbooks
    • November 2 – 12, 2012 (7 days) – Anchors review and compile Pass 2 projects and ensure requirements are met.
    • November 12 – 16, 2012 (5 days) – Complete Anchor Pass (if applicable)
    • November 19 – 27, 2012 (5 days) – Post Pass 2 and Anchor Pass projects for public comment
    • November 30, 2012 – Submit Pass 2 and Anchor Pass projects within complete RHP Plan to HHSC to begin formal 30-day HHSC review
    • January 7, 2013 – Begin formal 45-day CMS review


SEPTEMBER 13: Attached are examples of valuation tools from other regions, as well as the UTMB valuation tool.  These are the documents that we will use for discussion of valuation during tomorrow morning’s RHP 2 meeting at UTMB’s Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes.  Please keep in mind that these are only examples, not accurate valuations.  We will go through the methodology of both the UTMB example as well as the Region 10 principles to examine some different methods that are being used.

[RHP 6 Example] [RHP 10 Example] [Valuation Principles] [UTMB Valuations]

Additionally, please follow the link below to familiarize yourself with the CEA registry.  While we will not be reviewing the registry in depth, this tool was shared with us by Region 10 as a resource that is helping to drive their valuation process.

CEVR's goals in constructing and maintaining this database are threefold:

  • Identify society's best opportunities for targeting resources to improve health;
  • Assist policymakers in healthcare resource allocation decisions; and
  • Move the field towards the use of standardized methodology.

The CEA Registry is a comprehensive database of 3,067 cost-utility analyses on a wide variety of diseases and treatments. The registry has made an impact in several areas:

  • Used as a data source for 45 peer-reviewed publications;
  • Used or cited in analyses performed by US Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Institute of Medicine, the Medicare Payment Assessment Commission, academia, and industry;
  • Highlighted on the National Library of Medicine's website as an important health economics resource;
  • Cited in the popular press, including Forbes, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe; and
  • Catalogs information on over 8,100 cost-effectiveness ratios and more than 11,300 utility weights


SEPTEMBER 13: RHP 2 Stakeholders Important Action Item:  Please Respond by COB Friday, September 21, 2012

Please provide a list and description of any initiatives that you are participating in that are funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Also, please provide a explanation of any delivery system reform initiatives (other than the 1115 waiver) in which you are currently engaged and indicate the sources of funding and collaboration for these initiatives.

Please e-mail me at: with a copy to Ms. Cissy Yoes at: by close of business Friday, September 21, 2012.  This information is a requirement of our regional Community Needs Assessment (CNA).


SEPTEMBER 12 UPDATE: The agenda for this week’s RHP 2 Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting is now online.

PLEASE NOTE:  This week’s meeting is open to all stakeholders since the main topic of discussion is DSRIP Valuation Methodology.

We encourage the participation of your CFO (or the financial liaison to the 1115 Waiver planning process), as well as anyone involved in setting/tracking the metrics/milestones of your DSRIP Projects.

Meeting Details:

Friday, September 14, 2012
8:30 am
UTMB Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes
2240 Gulf Freeway (I-45) South
League City, Texas  77573

If unable to join in person, please use the dial-in option:

Access Code: 3020674

[Access the Sept. 14 agenda]

SEPTEMBER 12 UPDATE: Below are a few 1115 Waiver related updates from HHSC based on the last Anchor call held on Friday, August 31, 2012. Please note the ACTION REQUIRED bullet. If you are a Performing Provider that is not listed on the Hospital Pass 1 Allocations sheet, but intend to participate in DSRIP and has identified a source of non-federal match, please let me know as soon as possible via e-mail at  


SEPTEMBER 10 UPDATE: The two (2) presentations from last Friday’s webinars are posted on the HHSC website for review.  If you were unable to be part of the Program Funding Mechanics (PFM) Protocol Webinar or the Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Planning Protocol Webinar please view the information that was presented via the link below:


    • If you have made any modifications to your DSRIP projects, secured funding (IGT partnerships) or revised any budgeting/valuing considerations, please let us know as soon as possible via e-mail to: and
    • We will be sharing some preliminary valuation methodologies/examples later this week.  These will be reviewed in greater detail with the RHP2 Regional Steering Committee (RSC) this Friday, September 14, 2012, with more communication to the region following this meeting/discussion.
    • The RHP2 Website has the most up-to-date information on regional planning activities and houses information from HHSC/CMS and regional stakeholders.  Additionally, the Community Needs Assessments (CNA’s) for all 16 counties within RHP2 are on this site under the County Information tab,


    SEPTEMBER 5 UPDATE: The agenda for this Friday’s RHP 2 – 1115 Waiver Planning Meeting is now online. Please note that the agenda reflects an HHSC Webinar beginning at 10:00 am. All RHP stakeholders who are attending in person are welcome to participate in the webinar from the Victory Lakes conference room. 

    Also, the CMS-approved version of the Program Funding and Mechanics (PFM) Protocol is also online.  The PFM Protocol provides DSRIP requirements, including DSRIP eligibility criteria, minimum number of DSRIP projects, organization of the RHP, plan process review, required reporting, allocations of DSRIP funds, project valuation and plan modifications.  A webinar to present the final PFM will be held this Friday afternoon (September 7, 2012) at 1:30 pm.

    [Access the Sept. 5 Agenda] [Access the PFM Protocol with DSRIP requirements]

    Public Meeting

    SEPTEMBER 5 REMINDER: Notice of Public Meetings. UTMB and Region 2 are conducting a series of public hearings about the Region 2 plan for the Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program (1115 Medicaid Waiver). The meetings will be on Sept. 5 in Nacogdoches and Beaumont, and Sept. 6 in Galveston. [Get details] [NEW: See Presentation]






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