Region 2 Health Needs

UTMB proposes to anchor, in partnership with providers, hospitals, counties, and other stakeholders, an area that is comprised generally of HHSC Regions 5 & 6, exclusive of Harris County. This Southeast Texas region is a diverse area that encompasses rural areas as well as urban areas, and the population in the region demonstrates a variety of health care needs. 

High prevalence rates of Chronic Diseases

  • The Southeast Region has an overall higher than the state average prevalence rate for high blood pressure and cholesterol, and cancer.  Diabetes prevalence is similar to that of the overall prevalence in the state.

High mortality rates for Chronic Diseases

  • In the Southeast Region there are many counties with higher than the state average mortality rates for many chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Rates of uninsured or public insured persons

  • In the Southeast Texas Region there are nearly 300,000 people enrolled in Medicaid.

Lack of access to Primary and Acute Care

  • In the Southeast Region 14 counties are designated as Primary Care Health Professional Shortage areas (HPSA), 9 counties have special populations designated as HPSAs, and 2 counties are partially designated as HPSAs.

UTMB looks forward to working with counties, other hospitals, providers, and communities to build a regional health care partnership in the Southeast Texas region.  UTMB is committed to improving access to and quality of care for all patients throughout Texas, and believes that through the Regional Health Care Partnership in the Southeast Region of Texas the needs of the patient populations can be addressed.   

UTMB offers many programs and services that will directly address the health needs of the population in the Southeast Region of Texas.  These programs include our Stark Diabetes Clinic and diabetes care, diagnosis and treatment of solid tumors, women and children’s health, cardiovascular health, and the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.   However, UTMB believes that it requires the collaboration of all the hospitals and health systems within a region to coordinate a plan to improve the overall access to care and coordination of care.  While UTMB offers many of the services needed by patients in the region, we look forward to working with our partners in the region to improve the health of the population in the Southeast Texas Region. 

UTMB not only has clinical programs that can be a strong part of the provider and hospital network in the region to directly address health needs, it is an organization that is at the forefront of innovation.  UTMB has made much progress in the four categories outlined in the waiver application, and has developed expertise that will help guide the creation of a delivery system reform incentive plan for the region. Read more about UTMB and the Regional Health Partnership.


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