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Thought-provoking questions about:
Discovery and Innovation

  • Within UTMB’s Academic Enterprise in 2020, how do our schools, institutes and centers rank in research grants and contracts?
  • What are our success and renewal rates? How much do we generate in total awarded grants and contracts? What types of research do we pursue?
  • How often are our results published? How often are our studies cited as a resource in other work?
  • How diversified are our sources of grants and contracts? What is our public/private mix of research funding? What annual growth rates do we experience?
  • What support resources exist to facilitate grant renewals and pursuit of new grants?
  • How do we measure up in terms of intellectual assets, intellectual property, patents, adoption of our programs, products and policies, and licensing revenue? How much do we generate in annual licensing revenue? How do we prepare new faculty for intellectual property development and technology transfer?
  • How many new companies are spawned from our research? Do we have an incubator to facilitate technology transfer? Is our space adequate for growth and innovation? Is it configured to support interdisciplinary interaction?