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Thought-provoking questions about:
Institutional Culture, Faculty and Staff

  • Within UTMB’s Academic Enterprise in 2020, how do we treat each other? How do members of our 'family' describe our work together? Open and honest? Transparent?
  • How do we facilitate diversity and inclusion?
  • Do we work effectively across schools, departments, programs and centers? How do we work with partners? How do we work with unions? How do we describe the working environment?
  • What did we change? What are our employees and associates like? Compassionate? Entrepreneurial? Innovative? Consistent? Cautious?
  • How many do we have? Recruitment and retention rates? Qualifications? What kind of an incentive program do we have in 2020 — one in which performance-based compensation plays a major role, or one in which salary and wages are dominant?
  • How well regarded are faculty? In the research area? In the clinical area? How engaged are faculty in organizational strategy and operations? What percent of our medical staff is full-time faculty? What percent is employed in the faculty group practice versus independent community practitioners? How many faculty do we have distributed throughout the community?
  • How satisfied are members of the medical staff? Would they recommend that colleagues use our facilities?