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Thought-Provoking Questions: Components of UTMB Health 2020 — Academic Enterprise

As we look to the future, we take into account diverse aspects of our university — outlined in the categories below. We must consider for each catagory thought-provoking questions as we contemplate what the Academic Enterprise will be in 2020.

Use the links below to consider just some of the questions posed in each category. Use the questions to stimulate your thoughts and ideas and to form a quantitative and qualitative picture of our Academic Enterprise in 2020.

Prepare to transport yourself to 2020 as you answer the questions, rather than viewing them through the lens of today. And feel free to add your own questions to the mix. The more complete our view, the better we can plan to realize the future we envision.

Perspectives Discovery and Innovation Teaching and Learning Clinical Enterprise Market Position and Brand Financial Performance Institutional Culture, Faculty and Staff Customers: STudents, Patients and Families Quality and Safety Leadership and Governance Strategic Partnerships