About the Program

Anne-Sophie Brocard, Ph.D., RBP

Anne-Sophie BrocardDr. Brocard is a Registered Biosafety Professional (2008) currently working for the department of Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Galveston, TX as a Senior Consultant for the Biological and Chemical Safety Program. She is the Director of the Laboratory Biosafety Training program, which is part of the National Biocontainment Training Center. Dr. Brocard is an assistant professor for the Department of Pathology and teaches a Biosafety course for the Graduate Program. She is primarily responsible for training all the new BSL3 laboratory personnel in basic Biosafety and proper laboratory practices. This training also includes BSL2 users and BSL4 users as well as training for personnel entering the animal biosafety level 3 areas for all facilities on campus including the National Galveston Laboratory. She participates in the Institutional Biosafety Committee meetings as a non-voting member and is a voting member on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. She is also involved in helping new Principal Investigators on campus ensure they are compliant with all local rules and regulations. Responsibilities also include auditing existing research laboratories on campus. She is involved with the Select Agent program as well as facilitating inspections from regulatory or overseeing agencies. Dr. Brocard is involved with the American Biological Safety Association where she serves on the membership committee (2005-present), Pre-Conference Course Committee (2005-present). Scientific Program Committee (2005-2009) Co-Chair 2009.

Dr Brocard did her post-doctoral fellowship at UTMB in the Dept of Pathology working on the interaction between reservoir rodents and Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis virus (2005). She received her Ph.D. in Dentistry from King's College Dental School at Guy's Hospital in London, UK (2001) [thesis title: Live recombinant bacteria as vehicles for mucosal immunization against dental caries] her obtained her Master in Biotechnology from De Monfort University -Leicester, UK- in collaboration with Hogeschool West-Brabant -Breda, The Netherlands (1996) and her BS in Biological and Biochemical Analyses, from the University of Lille "A", France (1995).