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Part of the CEHD’s continuing mission is to provide research and data that informs and inspires action on many different levels. These pages are for those who seek to understand the things that affect health and health disparities in Galveston, Galveston County, and southeast Texas.


Although the City of Galveston is small, there are many rich sources of information available on the city and its residents.

  • Our City Plans page contains descriptions of the surprisingly large number of plans (and related reports, studies, and other supporting information) that have been produced for the City of Galveston. Most, if not all, of these plans contain suggestions for improving the health and human development of the city’s citizens.
  • Our City Data and Reports page gives descriptions of and links to data, reports, maps, and a wide variety of other basic information about Galveston.


The pages below provide information on Galveston County’s health and human development.

  • Our County Plans page contains descriptions of and links to plans that have the potential to affect the health and human development of all of Galveston county. These plans can be comprehensive or specialized in their scope, may be either active or inactive, and come from a wide variety of government and non-governmental sources.
  • Our County Data and Reports page supplies reports and statistics that can help paint a picture of the health of the county as a whole.







CEHD Director Lexi Nolen serves on the Coordinating Committee of the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Sustainable Communities Planning Grant, an initiative to improve sustainable planning for the 13-county region around Harris County and extending to Galveston County. For more information on the project, click here.


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