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City Data and Reports

This page provides basic data on the city as well as reports and data on the health and well-being of the city’s residents. Be sure to check our City Plans page for a wide range of plans, many of which also contain useful information and studies on Galveston. As with that page, the information in this category is generally limited only to residents of the city. Also, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, check out our County Data and Reports page - some really important health data is collected on the county level, but not on the city level.

If you know of a plan, report, study, document, or other information that contains information on the health and human development of the citizens of Galveston, and it’s not listed here, please send us an email at cehd(at)utmb.edu.

  • Center to Eliminate Health Disparities Map Resources
  • UTMB’s Public Health Program, in October 2011, conducted a survey of a selected group of Galveston city residents. This survey contained questions about ethnicity, age, poverty level, education, and other demographic information. The survey also asked this group of residents about their household health status, unmet needs, insurance status, and sources of health care. 
  • Please view a presentation on the population trends in the City of Galveston developed by Dr. Karl Eschbach, a Senior Fellow at CEHD.


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