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The Center for Global Health Education

The major goal of the Center for Global Health Education (CGHE) is to provide opportunities for students to become culturally competent and globally aware medical practitioners. From August 2010-August 2011, Dr. Nolen served as Director of UTMB’s global health education initiative, and was responsible for ensuring that students had meaningful opportunities for both classroom-based and field training and education. The Global Health Inter-professional Core Course (GHICC), first launched by Dr. Nolen in 2009, provided for the first time at UTMB an inter-professional opportunity for students from all four schools to learn about global health issues together. In addition to teaching activities and lectures, during her time as Director ad interim, Dr. Nolen served as faculty sponsor to over 50 students travelling on International Health Electives in over 20 countries. Finally, ten School of Medicine students completed the Global Health Track in 2011.


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