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The Environmental Justice Encuentro, Manchester, Texas

In April of 2010, the CEHD co-sponsored an Encuentro in partnership with the NIEHS COEC and t.e.j.a.s. featuring regional success stories and challenges as well as ways for scientists and communities to strengthen their partnerships. The Encuentro brought together local representatives as well as internationally recognized researchers in the fields of environmental justice and social determinants of health, including Dr. Eduardo Siquiera, an international expert on the political economy of the migration of hazards between high and low-income countries, policy issues regarding occupational hazards and workers’ rights, and environmental justice for immigrants. Click here to view Dr. Siquiera's presentation at the 2010 Encuentro. View CEHD's presentation at Encuentro. Also included in this year’s Encuentro was a Toxic Tour of Galveston, highlighting areas that have not yet recovered from Hurricane Ike.

The 2010 Encuentro Program


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