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The Environmental Justice Encuentro, Galena Park, Texas

The March 2011 Encuentro was held in Galena Park, Tx (a fence-line community along the Port of Houston’s Ship Channel and Houston’s industrial core). Several environmental justice communities from Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi were represented. CEHD co-sponsored this year’s Encuentro along with a number of CEHD Partners including the Sealy Center for Environmental Health & Medicine - UTMB Galveston & National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Air Alliance Houston, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.), Environmental Community Advocates of Galena Park among others.

Dr. Edward Emmet of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine presented a keynote address on the importance of constructive engagement of stakeholders for affecting positive policy change in environmental justice advocacy efforts. CEHD’s Dr. Nolen presented a talk on utilizing health impact assessments to give policy decisions a health and environmental context. View Dr. Nolen's presentation on Health Impact Assessment and Healthy Neighborhoods. Dr. Prochaska also presented a brief workshop on using web-based mapping utilities for communities to create their own maps of environmental concerns.

Learn more about the Environmental Justice Encuentro Network by visiting the presentation by CIDA's Executive Director Mr. Hilton Kelley.

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