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Description of the G-HAP Project

In September of 2009, CEHD received a grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to support local decision making about rebuilding Galveston in ways that take into consideration the impact of planning decisions on community health. The project brings together community partners to cooperate on improving the social and environmental determinants of health in Galveston’s neighborhoods during post-Ike recovery efforts.

CEHD received additional funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2009, which established the Gulf Coast SECURE Center, which allowed this work to continue to expand.

Following the social and infrastructure devastation of Hurricane Ike, the G-HAP Project is working to increase the consistent inclusion of health considerations in local recovery planning. Our strategy consists of three elements:

1) create an evidence base to highlight important issues;

2) engage with the community to encourage ongoing public dialogue on critical issues and build community capacity to identify priorities and solutions; and

3) partner with local government and social service organizations to incorporate and institutionalize pro-health planning and policy making directly into both recovery and ongoing planning efforts.



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