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Health Care Transformation

Through various health reform efforts, including but not limited to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, attention is being increasing paid to health inequities, social determinants of health, and population health outcomes as measures of success. CEHD is currently working with UTMB Leadership and partners around East Texas to submit the Region 2 1115 Waiver Proposal, which alters funding structures and measures of success for regional providers. For more information, visit UTMB's Health Care Transformation Webpage.

In addition to the 1115 Waiver proposal, CEHD, in partnership with the UTMB Oliver Center for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare, and UTMB hospitals and clinics will lead a project to support equity analyses of patient health outcomes and disparities in careā€”the REAL Data project. We will also be supporting a Social Media project, led by partners in the Division of Health Policy and Legislative Affairs, CEHD’s home division.


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