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The Healthy Health Policy Lecture Series

As part of the Division of Health Policy and Legislative Affairs, the CEHD works hand-in-hand with HPLA to organize and sponsor the Annual Health Policy Lecture Series, which brings regional, national and even international experts to speak to UTMB faculty, staff, and students on issues related to the role of public policy in influencing health. The Series is sponsored by the Office of the President and the Office of Health Policy and Legislative Affairs, and co-sponsored by CEHD, and the UTMB student chapters of the American Medical Association and Texas Medical Association. Recognizing the increasing role of poor nutrition as both a driver and result of public policy, the series sponsors have intentionally focused on providing a nutritious lunchtime offering. A number of the lectures are archived at the HPLA website. The CEHD is proud to co-sponsor this lecture series. For information on upcoming and past speakers, click here.


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