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Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Using a Health & Human Development Lens

The CEHD’s work on the GHAP Project led to a request from the Galveston Housing Authority (GHA) to develop a proposal of work that would promote health and human development in the rebuilding of the public housing in Galveston destroyed by Hurricane Ike. The program of work for this grant from the Housing Authority includes providing input on GHA rebuilding and recovery plans, including health impact information related to the siting of footprint and scattered site mixed-income developments and the accompanying Human Development Plan.

The Center engaged an ongoing process of providing data and other information to GHA and its contractors and sub-contractors on issues of key local health challenges; concentrated poverty; racial segregation; low-income residents’ priorities and needs for self-sufficiency; local barriers to transportation, employment, and educational achievement; and community resources and organizations to support physical and mental health. One particular area of work involved providing input on issues related to health impacts of the Human Capital Plan, which focuses on the priority areas of employment and job training, two-generational education, health and wellness, and transportation. Additionally, and in partnership with over a dozen local social service providers working as a Community Task Force for the Human Capital Plan, the CEHD supported a process to ensure that the plan would effectively build toward integrated wrap-around services for all local residents in need. This effort is intended to begin building a broadly supported local poverty reduction strategy in Galveston.

Future work under this project will include providing a county-wide perspective on furthering fair housing by expanding GIS-maps to encompass Galveston County; system dynamics modeling to uncover barriers to self-sufficiency for public housing residents, identify priorities, and target effective solutions; and assessing how the health information system at UTMB can better inform community health and safety planning.


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