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Supporting Pro-health Policy and Programs

The CEHD is committed to promoting planning and policy making that supports community health both in terms of Hurricane Ike recovery planning efforts as well as more general and ongoing policy and planning. In pursuit of that mandate, we work with a variety of organizations, and have received requests from many governmental and community groups to provide recommendations on strengthening plans in terms of their health impact.

The CEHD has provided input into a number of planning processes in Galveston, including to the Galveston Downtown Partnership; Galveston Master Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee; City of Galveston Families, Children, and Youth Board; Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods; City of Galveston Department of Planning and Community Development; Texas A&M University Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture; and other local groups.

The CEHD has also shared GIS data and maps and generated additional maps for the City of Galveston Departments of Planning and Community Development & Public Works; Galveston Housing Authority; Galveston Downtown Partnership; St. Vincent's House; Galveston County Community Coalition; Bay Area Council on Drug Abuse; City of Galveston Families, Children, and Youth Board; City of Jamaica Beach; Galveston Economic Development Partnership; Galveston City Council; and the Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods, among others.

Strengthening the Health Impact of the City of Galveston’s Comprehensive Plan

Local governments can play a significant role in creating healthy communities, which signals an investment in a city’s future economic prosperity as well. At the request of the City of Galveston Comprehensive Planning Committee, the CEHD analyzed the city’s Draft Comprehensive Plan in terms of how to increase pro-health planning.

Using evidence from research literature and health and policy expertise from UTMB, the resulting report offers analysis and recommendations within the framework of ten “element” areas. The analysis found many strengths within the Draft Comprehensive Plan in relation to impact on health, health equity, and broader quality of life. It also identified opportunities for incorporating additional pro-health planning and mitigating possible negative health consequences of specific items within the plan. The CEHD also produced a Public Service Announcement to encourage local residents to provide further feedback.


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