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PBS NewsHour - Putting a Global Spotlight on UTMB's Galveston Health in All Policies (G-HAP) Project

PBS NewsHour aired a story on Galveston’s efforts to rebuild as a healthier community on September 22, 2011, including some of the work CEHD has been doing to promote a Health in All Policies Approach to recovery planning.

Click on the image below to see Drs. Nolen and Prochaska discuss the Center's work at the PBS NewsHour website.

CEHD, in collaboration with the Gabbe Group - is also pleased to share a "flipbook" that captures related material related to PBS NewsHour's coverage of G-HAP and Galveston's recovery: the feature broadcast, blogs, online videos, photos, social media of the.

Below are the related stories featured in the NewsHour.

1. The Mixed Blessings of Hurricane.

2. Galveston Aims to Build a Healthier City After Ike's Wave of Destruction

3. Preview: Can Galveston Rebuild Healthier After Disaster?

4. Galveston Healthier After Disaster?

5. Galveston: The Mother of All U.S. Natural Disasters

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