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CEHD Reports

CEHD Report of Activities 2010-2011. After two years since our last annual report, the CEHD has continued to have a strong focus on the local recovery of Galveston since Hurricane Ike, reaching across silos to address various determinants of health that affect health inequities, including health care, housing, education, air quality, nutrition and food security, and many other issues. Click on the below image to learn more.

Health Impact Assessment Document - Aug 2011. Combining analysis and evidence from health literature, health and policy experts from UTMB, and from focus groups of low-income Galveston residents, this Rapid Health Impact Assessment offers commentary and suggestions on the overall structure and content of the City of Galveston Draft Comprehensive Plan, along with more detailed analysis of specific objectives contained in each of the Comprehensive Plan's ten elements.

Envisioning Galveston Document - Aug 2011. The City of Galveston in the past was engaged in strategic planning for the future. To support this process, and at the request of the City, the Center to Eliminate Health Disparities at UTMB Health conducted a visioning process and a guided solicitation of input into the City of Galveston's Draft Comprehensive Plan from low- and low-middle income residents.

LEAST Lead Executive Report and Executive Summary, Oct 2010.. The issue of childhood exposure to lead has been an issue of public concern in the Galveston Community for many years, and continues today to be a concern around the United States and in other countries. This report is a big step forward in understanding what is really happening in our community in relation to lead exposure and how we respond to the problem.

Galveston Hurricane & Healthy Neighborhood Scenarios Workbook was developed in June 2010 jointly by UTMB and the Institute for Alternative Futures as an effort to illustrate how health impact assessments can be usefully applied to strengthen community health and aid in recovery from natural or other disasters.

CEHD Annual Report April 2010. On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike swept over the Texas Gulf Coast, washing a fourteen foot surge of water over Galveston Island and leaving our community and university in crisis. In the year and a half since, much has been rebuilt and reclaimed, but much still remains to be done. This "Annual Report" actually reviews our work in the time since the storm, and previews the year to come.

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