Policy Approval Process

Before a policy can be placed on an agenda for review at either the Clinical Affairs Policy and Procedures (CAPP) meeting or the Institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures (IHOP) meeting, a "Request for Policy Review" form must be signed by the respective vice president for the area submitting the policy and the chair(s) of any governing committee for the policy content. This review ensures that the governing committee chairs and the respective vice president for the policy area are in agreement with the need for a policy, the recommended edits, or the decision to retire a policy. The approval form has been designed to accommodate many variations of policy approval, some examples follow:
  • Only section nine, clinical policies, require the signature of the chair of the CAPP Committee, the respective clinical vice president as well as the chair of a governing committee, e.g. Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Committee.
  • Only section five or ten, respectively faculty or academic, require the signature of the chair of the Faculty Senate and the Council of Deans.
  • Only section seven, student policies, require the signature of the chair of the Council of Deans.
  • A policy in section eight, “Environmental Health and Safety”, would require the signature of the respective vice president and perhaps the chair of the Environment of Care (EOC) Committee.

If you have any questions as to who should sign the approval form, please call Nicole Aquino at x78710.

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