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Act of violence any behavior, intentional or reckless which results in bodily harm to another person and/or damage to property or threatens the safety of another individual in the workplace
Threat of violence Any behavior, intentional or reckless, that by nature would be interpreted by a reasonable person as intent to harm to another person or damage property. Threats may include but are not limited to oral, written, or communicated through gestures, conventional mail, electronic mail, fax or telephonic means and may be direct or implied.
Workplace includes all University facilities and off-campus locations where faculty, staff, agents or contractors are engaged in University Business
Workplace Violence

Threatening and/or violent behavior that can include but is not limited to:

  • Physically assaulting an individual, by slapping, hitting, punching, pushing, poking or kicking; or physical threats to inflict physical harm;
  • Arson, sabotage, equipment vandalism, damaging or destroying property, throwing or hitting objects;
  • Displaying a weapon or an object which appears to be a weapon in a threatening manner; carrying a firearm of any kind onto University owned or controlled property; except parking lots and garages, or using a weapon to harm someone;
  • Intimidating or threatening gestures, bullying or hazing;
  • Intimidating, threatening, hostile or abusive language directed toward another person that communicates the intention to engage in violence against that individual and leads a reasonable individual to expect that violent behavior may occur;
  • Stalking another individual
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