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Advance Directive a written instruction such as living will or medical power of attorney for health care recognized under State law and relating to the provision of such care when the person is incapacitated.
Family As used in this policy, family is defined to include a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same-sex domestic partner), siblings, children, other family members, or a friend. This definition should not be confused with the definition of “family” as contained in other IHOP policies; for example, for issues regarding consent or refusal to treatment, please refer to the appropriate IHOP policies.
Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA)

A document delegating authority to an agent to make health care decisions on the principal’s behalf if the principal’s attending physician certifies that the principal is incompetent (i.e., lacks decisional capacity). 

Surrogate decision maker

A person with decision-making capacity who is identified as the person who has authority to consent to medical treatment on behalf of an incapacitated patient in need of medical treatment.

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