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Abandoned Infant

according to the DFPS, an abandoned infant meets the criteria for a Baby Moses case if the infant:

  • is 60 days old or younger;
  • has not been harmed (does not appear to have been abused or neglected);
  • has been voluntarily delivered to a Designated Emergency Infant Care (DEIC) provider such as UTMB, at a specific location indicated by a sign that reads “Safe Baby Site” and
  • is delivered to a DEIC by a parent who does not express intent to return for the infant.
Designated Emergency Infant Care Provider (DEIC)

any operation where an infant can be left without fear of criminal prosecution for abandonment of a child; a child-placing agency (CPA) licensed by Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) can be a designated emergency infant care provider if the CPA:

  • Agrees to act as a designated emergency infant care provider;
  • Has on staff a person who is licensed as a registered nurse, or who provides emergency medical services, and who will examine and provide emergency medical services to a child taken into possession by the agency;
  • Examples include: hospitals, fire rescue stations or EMS stations
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