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All Sports Day

All Sports Day is the UTMB version of the Olympics, only more fun and a little less media hype. Teams and individuals compete in various sports vying for the coveted "All Sports Day Champion" t-shirt. The Student Government Association sponsors ASD.

When: Saturday, November 15, 2014- All Day
Where: UTMB Field House and Sports Fields


So how do you sign up? Well, stop by the Office of Student Life to fill out your entrance form as well as submit your fee. You have two options this year. You can sign up as an individual or as a team. Teams will participate in all events and will send 1 team member to each individual sport. Individuals can win each event, but teams earn points for the wins that their members accumulate throughout the day. Based on the number of points earned throughout the day, we will decide who will be crowned 2014 All Sports Day Champions.

For more information about this and other activities coordinated by the Office of Student Life, please call us at (409) 772-1996.

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