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Excellence in Professionalism Award

"On my honor, as a member of the UTMB community, I pledge to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all my academic and professional endeavors."

Congratulations to our January-March 2013 winner…

Jaipreet Suri (SOM)
“Jaipreet is one of the best medical students I have ever worked with. I had the pleasure of working with him during his Neonatal ICU & Surgery rotations, and I was very impressed with Jaipreet’s professionalism, work ethic, and dedication to his patients. He was always the first medical student at the hospital and would record the morning labs and vitals for all our team's patients. This really lightened the workload for us residents and helped morning rounds run much more efficiently. Jaipreet was always willing to stay late and help with any floor work or to return to his patient’s room to see if they had any questions and to see if there is anything he could do to make them more comfortable. His professionalism and compassion especially shined in his interactions with the patient's families in NICU. He always remembered the parents’ names, as well as their baby's. He took the time to update the parents on their baby every day. When a new student started on the rotation, Jaipreet helped orient them to our daily routine and answered any questions they had. Jaipreet is also extremely well-rounded. Along with being an excellent student, he is also heavily involved in research. He is working on several research projects and has presented his work at multiple national meetings. Jaipreet was awarded the ‘Daniel H. Cannon Distinguished Research Award’ for the 2011-2012 year. He is also an Osler scholar and member of Gold Humanism Honor Society. He is always looking for ways to give back to the UTMB & Galveston community and is involved in several organizations and projects. Jaipreet is one of the coordinators for the Books-to-Bedside book drive that provides reading materials for the John Sealy Hospital library. He also helps organize the Anti-Tobacco Awareness Program to help educate children about the negative effects of smoking. He also volunteers at St. Vincent’s and served as a student intern during the summer between his first and second year. Jaipreet is the embodiment of what a medical student should be and I strongly believe he deserves recognition. He would be an excellent recipient of this award.”

Nominated By: Jarrett D. Aldinger, UTMB Year 1 Anesthesia Resident

Nikhil Koshy (SOM)
Gregory Taroyan (SOM

Congratulations to all students that were nominated:
Sarah Burnett (SHP)
Kristen Dang (SON)
Jamie Hinderliter (SHP)
Keith Lee (SHP)
Lola Longe (SOM)
Lucy Pedley (SON)
Jacqueline Posada (SOM)
Esther Robbins (SOM)
Savannah Wilson (SON)

Do you know someone who has displayed acts of integrity, compassion and respect?
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The purpose of the Excellence in Professionalism Award is to recognize a student that has shown exemplary professionalism within the UTMB community. This student has exhibited traits of the honor pledge and the three characteristics of the professionalism charter: integrity, compassion, and respect.

The Honor Pledge Award Committee will review the nominees and choose three finalists to be voted on by the student affairs deans of each school every month. To eliminate bias, the nomination forms will be presented anonymously to the Honor Pledge Award Committee and the student affairs deans of the schools. The honorees will receive a certificate of acknowledgement, a gift certificate, and recognition of the award by the student affairs dean of the student’s school.
Self-nominations will not be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the Excellence in Professionalism Award, please contact Mike Cromie in the Office of Student Life.

Integrity. Compassion. Respect.
Commitments of the Professionalism Charter

Commitment to professional responsibilities.
Every member of the UTMB community is considered a professional. We respect one another, work collaboratively and carry out our duties at the highest level of quality. We evaluate our contributions to UTMB’s mission and performance, and we demonstrate continued competence and growth. We support the remediation of problems and discipline of those who fail to act professionally.

Commitment to service.
Every member of the UTMB community puts the interests of those being served before self-interest. Integrity, compassion and respect characterize this commitment to service.

Commitment to diversity.
Every member of the UTMB community respects differences, honors choices, and works to eliminate discrimination and health disparities. At the most basic level, everyone addresses discrimination when he or she sees or experiences it.

Commitment to professional competence.
Every member of the UTMB community is committed to lifelong learning and is responsible for maintaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for high-quality performance.

Commitment to confidentiality.
Every member of the UTMB community safeguards the privacy of personal and sensitive information about patients, families, co-workers, research subjects, students and the institution.

Commitment to honesty.
Every member of the UTMB community values honesty. We are truthful, trustworthy and accountable. We do not cheat, steal, lie or destroy or falsify information. Honesty and accountability also prevail when errors and injuries occur. We promptly admit our mistakes and take corrective actions.

Commitment to the responsible use of resources.
Every member of the UTMB community is a good steward of the resources entrusted to the university. This commitment includes the responsible use of money, equipment, time, space and personnel.

Commitment to improving access to education and health care.
Every member of the UTMB community supports our mission to reduce barriers and promote access to health care services and health sciences education.

Commitment to quality.
Every member of the UTMB community is committed to excellence by providing the best quality of patient care, education, research and administrative support possible. This commitment is met by continuously striving to achieve higher levels of performance. Everyone, individually and through professional organizations, develops and improves measures of quality that promote achievement of optimal outcomes.

Commitment to maintaining appropriate relations.
Every member of the UTMB community avoids using a position of power to unfair advantage, given the inherent vulnerability of individuals who enter into educational, research, employment and therapeutic relationships. Exploitation of any kind is unacceptable, whether for personal or professional gain.

Commitment to managing conflicts of interest.
Every member of the UTMB community recognizes, discloses and addresses issues—whether real or perceived—that compromise institutional loyalty and personal integrity.

Commitment to knowledge.
Every member of the UTMB community promotes ethical conduct in the creation and use of new knowledge that advances health. We are committed to the honest dissemination of our work and the appropriate application of our knowledge.

Second Edition, June 2005. This document has been adapted from Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter, Annals of Internal Medicine, 2002; 136 (3): 243-246, created by the ABIM Foundation, ACP-ASIM Foundation and European Federation of Internal Medicine under the auspices of the Medical Professionalism Project.

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