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SGA Sponsored Student Organization Travel

The paragraphs on this page are brief recaps of the events that different student organizations attended with the help of SGA funding.

2013 American Physical Therapy Association House of Delegates
“Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”
Words cannot express what a great experience I had at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) House of Delegates. It’s one thing to learn about how the House runs in class, but it’s so much better to be in the setting, see all the people, and hear the rich discussions that take place regarding important decisions of the profession. As a student usher, although we were not allowed to participate in the discussion, it was amazing to see the steps that were taken to reach a decision about matters that will affect us in the future.
Below are just a few of the motions I got to hear discussions about:

  • Physical therapists being in CDC panel to help build national concussion practice guidelines
  • Sections of the APTA getting a vote – sadly, this motion did not pass
  • Broaden the PT scope of practice to include animals – this motion will be brought back next year
  • A new vision statement – the introduction quote is the new vision statement for physical therapists
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines will be created for Overuse injuries in Pediatrics
  • Creating a universal EMR for physical therapy
  • Physical therapists becoming official advocates for patients with chronic disabilities
  • Physical therapists becoming providers of durable medical equipment

While being a student usher, I learned that it takes team work amongst the states to get the motions passed. There was so much communication between the state delegates and they all did such a good job of support one another. Also, the Student Assembly of the American Physical Therapy Association was in attendance at the House and although they did not have a vote, they were able to voice their opinions on the various motions that were being passed.
I am so happy I got to have this experience and I thank the Student Government Association for providing the funds for me to attend. I will be doing a presentation for my classmates encouraging them to become student ushers for the House of Delegates because it’s truly worth it.

Texas Society for Respiratory Care
On July 11th and July 12th, 2013 twenty students from the Respiratory Class of 2014 attended the Annual Texas Society for Respiratory Care Conference, which was held in Dallas, TX at the Intercontinental Hotel. The conference was filled with information about recent advances and new studies in the field of respiratory therapy. In addition to the lectures over the course of two days, there was also a large hall filled with vendors showcasing the new technologies that are available. The vendors and lectures provided new and useful information for us students as we continue with our studies. Along with attending lectures and the new technologies from the different vendors, ten students represented UTMB in the Sputum Bowl competition. This was a quiz type event that consisted of teams from different schools all over the state. Overall, attending the conference was very beneficial for our class. We were able to bring back knowledge that will not only help us in our studies, but also our clinical rotations and management with future patients. Attending the conference shed new light onto our program and showed us the practical side to the knowledge that we gain from our professors in the classroom.


* If your organization has recently traveled to an SGA sponsored event, please send us a brief synopsis (one paragraph) with the details of the trip and the experience your organization encountered while traveling. Your paragraph should include your orgranization's name, names of all who attended the event, date(s) of the event, and a summary of your experience, including any highlights/comments for future students.

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