Educator Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of evidence of quality of one's work (like an artist's portfolio or an investment portfolio). The Educator Portfolio (EP) is a collection of evidence of quality of one's work as an educator. It is more than a CV, as it generally includes more detailed descriptions of the work, and may also include samples of the work, evidence of quality and evidence of dissemination among the community of educators (e.g. presentations or publications related to the work). An EP also includes the educator's teaching philosophy, and/or report on the journey of preparation to be a good educator and reflections on one's work. All areas of education may be represented, including direct teaching, mentoring, advising, and/or assessment, enduring educational material; and educational leadership. An EP may be used for promotion/tenure review, for applicaiton to a teaching academy or other award.

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Portfolio Template

The UTMB Academy of Master Teachers has developed a portfolio template for your use.

Educator Portfolio Template (This template is required for application to the AMT)

Instructions for Completing an EP

Teaching Philosophy Statement Tips

This template is based on the criteria for educational scholarship proposed by Glassick, Huber, and Maeroff: clear goals, adequate preparation, appropriate methods, significant results, effective presentation, and reflective critique. Glassick CE, Huber MR, Maeroff GI. Scholarship assessed -- Evaluation of the professoriate. San Fransisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1997. The template was adapted from Simpson D, Fincher RM, Hafler JP, IRby DM, Richards BF, Rosenfeld, GC, Viggiano TR. Advancing educators and education by defining the components and evidence associated with educational scholarship. Med Educ. 2007 Oct; 41 (10): 1002-9. Epub Sep 5, 2007. See also: Simpson D, Marcdante K, Fenzel J (2007). The Educator's Portfolio & Curriculum Vitae -- Workshop & Resource Guide, at MedEdPORTAL.

Sample Portfolios

Liked below are samples portfolios for review. These samples have all been scored against the criteria for membership in the UTMB AMT; and each has been found to meet the criteria for selection into the Academy. Please note that these sample portfolios do not include the supporting documents which generally accompany a portfolio (e.g. samples of work, or attached evidence of quality).

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