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Welcome to the Program in Airway Inflammation

Airway inflammation researchers at UTMB play a major role in disease-oriented interdisciplinary research programs, including the Signaling in Airway Inflammation program project grant, the Proteomics Technologies in Airway Inflammation center grant, and the Clinical and Translational Sciences Award in the Institute for Translational Sciences. These programs are described below.

Signaling in Airway Inflammation

airway program logoThis is a prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded program project (PO1) grant to investigate the relationship between reactive oxygen species produced by respiratory virus infection or allergens, intracellular signaling and airway inflammation. This program project grant is composed of 5 leading investigators in 3 UTMB departments.
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Asthma related Multidisciplinary Translational Teams (MTTs)

ITS logoMTTs are inter-disciplinary research teams being supported by the UTMB Clinical Translational Sciences Award (CTSA). Increasingly, scientists across many disciplines and settings are engaging in team-based research initiatives. These include inter-disciplinary groups that engage scientists in multiple disciplines, community members, and policy makers. Read more about the translational teams in pediatric bronchiolitis and severe asthma:

Links to MTTs:   Pediatric bronchiolitis MTT    Phenotypes of Severe Asthma MTT
Center for Environmental Toxicology collaborative research teams CRT in bronchiolitis
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Proteomics Technologies in Airway Inflammation

airway program logoThis is National Heart, Blood and Lung Institue (NHLBI)-funded Proteomics Center to develop new methods to analyse the spectrum of proteins and protein complexes in the inflammed lung. One of only 10 centers in the country, the NHBLI Proteomics Center is composed of 19 investigators grouped into 7 teams at UTMB in collaboration with the Rice Department of Biostatistics.

NHLBI Proteomics Center   Biomolecular Resource Center
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