High School Program

Share the future

A Commit for Life Program


How Do I host a Blood Drive?

Why High School?

Because High Schools are the future for our patients in the hospital.  Healthy, young and enthusiastic students can help the blood supply in America now and when they leave high school by continuing to donate blood in their community.

What is Share the Future?

Share the future is a partnership between your school and UTMB Blood Center to save lives today and in the future.

Three paths for Success

  • Training/Education
  • Scheduling
  • Excitement

Blood Drive Tools


We provide passes with all the basic requirements.  The student will fill out the Blood Drive pass and have a set time to donate.


We provide breakfast bars to avoid reactions.  All students must drink and eat a full meal before they donate.

         Leadership Training

We invite all students and teachers who work on the blood drives for a day of training.  Students can earn Community Service training. 

If your school would like to book a drive, please call Laurie Hartrick at 409-772-6551 or llhartri@utmb.edu.



UTMB Blood Bank teams with Ball High School's HOSA  for their Winter Blood Drive. 

  Please call the UTMB Blood Center for information and to schedule a blood drive at your school, business, or place of worship.
For more information or to set-up a drive, please call Laurie Hartrick, Donor Recruiter, Blood Collections at 409-772-6551 or llhartri@utmb.edu