To:       UTMB Physicians

From:   Dr. Alexander J. Indrikovs

            Director, Blood Bank Division

Re:       Replacement Blood Donations from your Patientsí Relatives and Friends


The demand for blood transfusions continues to increase every year due to new medical procedures, and the blood required for these patients becomes more difficult to obtain because of new safety mandates from regulatory agencies.

In an effort to increase blood collections and maintain a constant and safe supply of blood, the UTMB Blood Bank is asking our physicians to take an active role in their patientsí participation in our blood donation program. Below is a sample script that you may use with your patients when discussing blood replacement donations.

Mr./Mrs.________________ it is very important that you understand the need for blood replacements.  As your treating physician, I encourage you, your family members, and your friends to contact the UTMB Blood Center at 409.772.4861 and schedule an appointment to donate blood. The Blood Center's business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

If you have 20 or more people willing to donate blood, please contact the UTMB Blood Center Recruitment Office at 409.772.6552 to schedule a blood drive.  To accommodate the donors, blood drives can be scheduled with ample flexibility, almost at any day or time of the week.

Your cooperation allows us to satisfy the blood transfusion needs of the patients in our community. We thank you for your altruistic support.


  Please call the UTMB Blood Center for information and to schedule a blood drive at your school, business, or place of worship.
For more information or to set-up a drive, please call Laurie Hartrick, Donor Recruiter, Blood Collections at 409-772-6551 or