Last modified 2/21/2014


10 Educational Objectives for BIRCWH Scholars

1. By the end of their tenure in the program, scholars will be expected to: Demonstrate skill in conducting literature searches, maintaining current research findings in their field of expertise, and efficiently managing information resources

2. Identify issues appropriate for investigation; develop them into testable research questions; and design projects that are valid, ethical, focused, feasible and methodologically as precise and reliable as available technology will allow

3. Develop or adapt scientific methods and apply innovative concepts and approaches to their research

4. Manage a research project, including:

5. Critically analyze and interpret experimental results with an understanding of their technical complexities, statistical basis and scientific importance

6. Effectively communicate research results in scientific exchanges with colleagues, seminars, oral presentations posters, and published papers

7. Plan research projects, gather appropriate preliminary data and write competitive NIH or equivalent grant proposals

8. Strategically develop a research program and career plan to optimize productivity in publications and grant proposals, obtain consistent funding, and advance professionally

9. Provide critical and constructive feedback to peers on research presentations and written work

10. Demonstrate skills and habits consistent with professionalism in science, including creativity, open-mindedness, critical thinking, ethical sensitivity and the ability to exchange constructive criticisms and develop collaborations with colleagues, in your own and in other scientific disciplines.

Applicants can send a complete application packet to Abbey B. Berenson, MD, PhD

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