Last modified 2/21/2014


Research Curriculum

All scholars will develop an individualized learning and research plan to suit their educational needs and career goals. The education and evaluation of scholars will be linked to 10 educational objectives that define the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes of an accomplished scientific investigator.

We anticipate that most clinical investigators will require formal education in research design and methods. They may choose to obtain an MS or PhD in clinical science through the K30-supported graduate program. Basic science researchers will focus on educational activities that orient them to clinical research and extend their past training.

Weekly BIRCWH Conferences will provide additional learning experiences and opportunities for networking among scholars that will include: As scholars progress through the program, increasingly independent mentored research experiences will culminate in guiding, planning and writing an NIH grant proposal. Completion of the program will require 2-3 years for a typical scholar.

By the end of the program, scholars will have acquired the necessary skills to become  funded investigators in their chosen area of women's health. The anticipated endpoint of the program for all scholars will be the award of a competitive NIH grant.

Applicants can send a complete application packet to Abbey Berenson, MD, PhD