RADIATION SAFETY (extension 2-2279)


A license to possess and use radioactive materials has been issued to the University of Texas Medical Branch by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS).  The license is called “Specific License of Broad Scope” because it permits the flexibility that is required for patient care and research in a dynamic medical center.  In addition, Certificates of X-ray Registrations, Mammography and Lasers have also been issued to UTMB by TDSHS.  The conditions on the License and Registrations require UTMB to maintain a well-managed and documented program to ensure that sources of radiation are used safely.


The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is responsible for ensuring that ionizing and non-ionizing radiation are used safely and in accordance with State and Federal regulations. 


The RSC is responsible for:



The RSC meets monthly.  Members includes: a representative of the Administration, the Radiation Safety Officer, physicians with expertise in the use of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines for diagnosis and therapy, individuals with expertise in the use of radioactive materials.  Other members are appointed at the discretion of the Vice-President for Research Affairs.


The Radiation Safety Program provides the following services:



Regulatory Licenses and Registrations which are the responsibility of Radiation Safety include:


A Certificate of Inspection was issued to UTMB.  This certificate is only being issued to those facilities that are clearly above the average in comparison with their peers.