7.0  Environmental Policy Statement

7.0       Environmental Policy Statement

The mission of UTMB is to provide scholarly teaching, innovative scientific investigation and state of the art patient care in a learning environment to better the health of society.  Proper management of the environmental impacts of our operations and facilities is essential to support our mission.   

UTMB is environmentally conscientious, operating in a fashion that minimizes negative impact on the environment and natural resources.  The Environmental Management System is a continuous quality improvement tool directed towards UTMB’s activities to reduce significant impacts on the environment and execute efficiencies as needed.

Our Environmental Management System is designed to meet the following goals: 

·         Ensure compliance by meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental requirements;           

·         Strive to continuously improve environmental performance to achieve the goals set out in the UTMB Source Reduction/Waste Minimization Plan; 

·         Establish processes to consider environmental factors with planning, purchasing and operating decisions to reduce environmental impact; and

·         Maintain a positive and proactive role in communicating with the surrounding community regarding our environmental activities and performance.