1.1  Introduction

1.2  Responsibilities

1.3  Injury

1.4   Needles

1.5  Danger Zones

1.6  Fire Safety

1.7  Eyewashes and Showers

1.8  Hygiene

1.1       Introduction

Certain rules of safety apply to all employees and work activities at UTMB.  Some areas may have additional safety rules specific to the work performed or materials handled in these areas.


1.2       Responsibilities

Each employee is responsible for learning the procedures and specific safety requirements for their work area and job assignment.  If an employee believes they have not been given adequate instructions, they should contact their department head.


Each UTMB employee is responsible for the safety of:


         Other staff





1.3       Injury 

            In case of Injury:

         Report all injuries and exposures immediately, no matter how slight, to your supervisor.

         Obtain medical treatment, if necessary.

         Contact Employee Health


1.4       Needle 

                Anyone working with needles should:

         Exercise care when handling needles.

         Do not recap, bend, cut or break needles.

         Dispose of needles in UTMB approved sharps container.

         Report all needle sticks to your supervisor, Capability Management and Employee Health Center.

         Contact Healthcare Epidemiology for more information.


1.5              Danger Zones

Roped-off areas are danger zones.  Respect them as such.  Do not enter or attempt to pass through these areas unless authorized.

1.6       Fire Safety 

Fire Alarm Manual Pull Stations & Fire Extinguishers

         Know where they are.

         Know how to operate them.

         Make sure they are plainly marked.

         Make sure they are free from any obstacles.

         Make sure fire extinguishers are on their hanger.


Fire Doors (Doors with closers that open into exit corridors, stairs or exit doors to the outside)

         Do not obstruct them.

         Do not prop them open.

         Do not cut, drill or alter them in anyway.


Sprinkler Heads

         Do not obstruct them.  Keep clear 18 all around.



         Keep exit corridors free of obstructions and combustibles.

         Do not store items in exit corridors.


Call extension 24190 to schedule fire safety orientations.


1.7       Eyewashes and Showers 

Make sure that emergency eyewashes and showers are:

         Plainly marked

         Free from any obstacles

         Tested weekly (eyewashes)

         Tested annually (showers)

Make sure you know how to operate them properly.


1.8       Hygiene 

Always wash your hands:

         Before donning gloves.

         After removing gloves.

         Before leaving work area.

         Before eating, drinking  or applying cosmetics.