9.1  Machinery Safety Rules

9.2  When Working with Machinery or Equipment

9.1       Machinery Safety Rules

Before working with machinery or equipment

         Select the proper tools and equipment for each job.

         Donít wear jewelry, loose clothing, long sleeves, or long neck ties and secure long hair to avoid machine entanglement.

         Be sure that the appropriate guards are in place BEFORE the machine is started.

         Use compressed air ONLY when required for a job activity.

         Donít apply compressed air to the body or clothing.

         Wear appropriate protective clothing, such as gloves, aprons, safety shoes, and eye protection, however NEVER wear gloves while operating rotating equipment such as drill presses, lathes or working on pumps.

         Secure, fasten, align, and properly position equipment and material.

         Post appropriate warning signs at danger points or around equipment.

         Remove tools and other loose objects near running machinery.

         Use equipment you are trained and authorized to use.  Ensure authorization with your supervisor.

         Donít use equipment that is defective.  If the proper equipment is broken, tag it ďOut of Service, and report it to your supervisor.

         Donít use equipment that is too hot.

         Donít use equipment that is the wrong size, wrong type, or otherwise inappropriate for the job.


9.2       When Working with Machinery or Equipment

         Warn others of danger

         Watch out for pinch points

         Use appropriate guards on machinery

         Be alert and drive defensively when operating vehicles

         Donít make repairs or adjustments without a qualified repairman or electrician

         Donít use equipment at an unsafe speed

         Donít rush procedures

         Donít work too close to other people

         Donít get on or off machinery or equipment when it is in operation

         Donít work on or near moving parts

         Never look at a welding arc without eye protection

         Donít use compressed air in excess of 30 PSI to clean equipment

         Donít use hands and feet in place of tools and devices

         Substitute safer solvents when possible

         Donít strike tools or objects of the same hardness together.

         Lock out, shut off, and tag electrical switches after use

         Secure vehicles and materials from sliding or moving

         Turn equipment off.