1.1  Introduction

1.2  Environmental Health and Safety

1.3  UTMB Management

1.4  FOAM (Facilities Operations and Management)

1.5  Nursing Staff

1.6  UTMB Police Department

1.7  All UTMB Personnel

1.8  UTMB University Advancement/Public Affairs

1.9  Galveston Fire Department

1.10  UTMB Facilities Development

1.11  Construction Contractors

1.1       Introduction

This chapter deals with fire hazards that may be encountered at UTMB, effective methods for preventing or minimizing them and emergency procedures to follow in case of fire.


1.2       Environmental Health and Safety - Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention Program

Environmental Health and Safety Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention (EHS- OS&FP) will:

         assist in the development and evaluation of campus fire protection policies and procedures;

         review and comment on emergency evacuation plans;

         conduct emergency drills;

         review and comment on new facility designs and proposed changes to existing facilities;

         provide fire safety training programs;

         provide required information to the City of Galveston Fire Department.


1.3       UTMB Management

UTMB Management will:

         support UTMB fire protection policies and procedures;

         orient staff members to emergency procedures and location of emergency equipment (i.e., fire extinguishers, fire alarms, pull stations and fire blankets);

         notify HSS whenever a major change is planned, either in a work area, or in the nature of the work that may increase the fire or life safety risk.


1.4       FOAM (Facilities Operations and Management)


         maintain building fire protection systems (except for those under outside contract);

         maintain all fire alarms and detection systems;

         notify HSS whenever a major change is planned, either in a work area, or in the nature of the work that may increase the fire or life safety risk.

         maintain records, drawings, and maintenance manuals on all fire protection systems on campus.

         obtain welding and cutting permits as required (requirements will be covered later in this chapter).


1.5       Nursing Staff

Nursing Staff will:

         participate in quarterly fire drills in conjunction with EHS for all healthcare areas;

         attend annual hands on fire extinguisher training;

         attend required fire and safety inservice programs;

         read and understand emergency procedures and evacuation routes for their unit.


1.6       UTMB Police Department

Campus Police will:

         report any fire immediately to the Galveston Fire Department;

         notify EHS/Fire Prevention of any fire;

         secure all areas affected directly or indirectly by a fire;

         cooperate with EHS in the development of all emergency procedures (i.e., hurricanes, fires and bomb threats);

         report any tampering with fire equipment to EHS at ext. 24190;

         assist in the investigation of suspected arson.


1.7       All UTMB Personnel

All UTMB personnel will:

         know and understand the basic fire prevention practices;

         know what emergency procedures to follow in case of a fire, including the proper use of fire extinguishers;

         know escape routes from individual work areas in case of power failure or smoke impaired visibility;

         take required training.


1.8       UTMB University Advancement/Public Affairs

The University Advancement/Public Affairs will check all information concerning a fire with HSS to ensure that the information is correct before releasing it to the public.


1.9       Galveston Fire Department

The Fire Department will:

         develop pre-fire plans on all UTMB facilities and keep them current.

         conduct water flow test of all hydrants in and around the UTMB campus and report the results to EHS.

         support UTMB with fire suppression services as required.


1.10       UTMB Facilities Development

Facilities Development will consult with EHS during the initial design of new facilities and proposed renovations to ensure that fire protection requirements are properly addressed.


1.11       Construction Contractors

Any construction workers contracted to work at UTMB will adhere to all UTMB policies and procedures related to:


         Welding and cutting,

         Flammable liquids,


         Safety requirements as stated in the contract,

         Adherence to Interim Life Safety Requirements (ILSM).