13.1  General

13.2  Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form

13.3  Equipment

13.1       General

·         Sharps must be properly disposed of in puncture resistant, leak proof containers to prevent puncture wounds or accidents.  Sharps include needles, glass Pasteur pipettes, capillary tubes, glass slides, etc. 

·         Do not block access to safety equipment or routes of escape from labs with moving boxes or equipment. 

·         Supervision of the packing will be conducted by EHS as required by law.  All chemicals must be properly segregated and packaged. 

Everything needs to be cleaned.  Leave nothing behind.  The lab must be empty when the move is complete.  Decontaminate all bench tops and other work surfaces.  The Principal Investigator of the lab area will be held responsible for any materials/equipment and trash left in the lab. 

EHS personnel will inspect the lab with the individual responsible for the laboratory to insure that the lab has been cleared.  If the lab has not been cleared properly, the Principal Investigator will be contacted for follow-up response.


13.2       Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form

All equipment that is to be relocated, disposed of or salvaged must be tagged with the completed “Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form”.  This form will indicate to the individuals moving or receiving the equipment whether or not the equipment has been used with hazardous chemical, biological and/or radioactive materials.  If the equipment was used with these types of materials, decontamination procedures must be performed by the laboratory prior to removal from or abandonment of the laboratory.  This will ensure that people coming in contact with the equipment do not get exposed. 

If the equipment is being abandoned or sent to inventory, remove all markings denoting its use with hazardous materials before tagging the equipment with the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form.  Note:  Inventory and Facilities Operations and Management (FOAM) will not accept any equipment without the Laboratory Decontamination Form attached.  For questions regarding radioactive decontamination, call 22279. For questions regarding chemical and biological decontamination, call 21781. 

The Laboratory Closure and Relocation Check List must be completed, signed by a faculty member and EHS representative and then posted on the door.


13.3       Equipment

·         Coordinate the decontamination of the Biological Safety Cabinet to be moved through EHS at least two weeks before the move.  Once moved, they will need to be re-certified before use.

·         Decontaminate and label all used equipment prior to packing or moving.

·         Chemical residues need to be removed from all work surfaces and equipment.  Lab bench tops must be cleared and cleaned with appropriate detergent or disinfectant depending on laboratory procedures.

·         Tag all equipment that is to be relocated, disposed of or salvaged with the completed “Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form” (see previous section).

·         Freezers may be moved with contents inside.  Once the freezer is put back in service, allow the contents to refreeze before checking for broken and spilled material.  Contact EHS for additional information on securely packing contents of freezers and refrigerators.

·         Wipe test all equipment if radioactive materials were used.  Include a diagram of the areas wiped.  Wipe tests should be initiated no later than the day prior to the move.