17.0  Training Requirements

17.0       Training Requirements

All UTMB employees are required to complete on-line training these classes will depend on the work you currently perform; a number of those classes are available to take in person.

 BSL2, BSL3, BSL4, ABSL3, and select agent users are required to take annual refresher courses; these are organized and scheduled by the facility directors and EHS. These courses cover existing regulations as well as new regulations, and any safety issues/concerns that have come to the attention of the facility directors and /or EHS. 

At this time, there is no required safety and laboratory training for employees starting work in a BSL1-2 laboratory; EHS does offer this training for employees by request of the PI or the employee (contact EHS 2 1781 for more info).  Anyone requesting entrance to a BSL3 laboratory on campus will be required to go through evaluation/training relative to their laboratory technique and safety knowledge for working in a BSL3 environment (contact the facility director for more information). Also, extensive training will be required for entry in a BSL4 laboratory (contact the facility director for more information).  

EHS and ARC offer employees specific animal training for ABSL2-4 work with any species (contact EHS or ARC for more information).