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Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention

Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention (OS&FP) performs a wide variety of services for UTMB Health. These services run the gambit from traditional safety programs in the workplace to building construction code compliance consulting.

OS&FP performs the role of liaison to various local, state and national agencies. These agencies include the Texas State Fire Marshals Office and The Joint Commission among others. In this liaison role, we host auditors, respond to any recommendations and champion them to resolution. Additionally, we coordinate emergency response activities with the Galveston Fire Department (GFD) and have a very close cooperative relationship with the GFD.

Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention is responsible for providing a number of safety and consulting services to our customers. Occupational services include such programs as:

  • Accident investigations and tracking
  • Near-miss investigations and tracking
  • Ladder, forklift and compressed gas safety
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • Occupational safety training on a wide variety of topics
  • Construction safety services
  • Hot work risk management
  • High voltage electrical safety

    Additionally, OS&FP provides fire and Life Safety services throughout utmb-Health. Examples of services provided to the institution, employees, patients and visitors include:

  • Management of the Life Safety chapter of The Joint Commission accreditation process
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance
  • Fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems inspections, testing and repair
  • Comprehensive Life Safety/fire safety audits of facilities
  • Fire safety drills and training
  • Construction plans review for code compliance
  • Construction project inspections for code compliance
  • Local, Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ/Fire Marshal) services