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UTMB has placed students in Shenyang, China through the Liaoning International General Health Trainers (LIGHT) program. This program is highly competitive. Past students have gained entrance to the program directly through LIGHT and through the Institute for International Medicine (INMED). Please see program specific details below.

Our non-profit NGO, the Liaoning International General Health Trainers (LIGHT), teaches Chinese doctors western Family Practice Medicine, while providing modern compassionate care for those who need it most: orphans, nursing home residents, and those unable to afford care through normal channels. Located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, a city of about seven million people in the northeast, we work within a Global Doctor clinic to care for expats, and Chinese seeking travel visas. We operate a charitable clinic inside the Deji Hospital, and also venture to orphanages, nursing homes, and community clinics in the city and surrounding villages.

Shenyang, in northeastern China, is home to one of that country's first family medicine residencies. Visiting medical students and residents assist an American family physician and Chinese residents from the Chinese Medical University in serving the medical needs of local citizens. Medical care is provided at two urban outpatient clinics, a 100-child orphanage, and several rural sites in nearby areas. Visitors serving with LIGHT will be able to communicate adequately in English, given that all the LIGHT physicians speak English, as does most of the staff. In addition to medical service, visitors to Shenyang can enjoy its numerous famous attractions, including the Imperial Palace, Zhao Ling Tomb, Fu Ling Tomb, the Water Caves, a botanical garden, and several scenic mountain sites.

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October 12, 2013

Global Health Education Symposium: The Role of Students in Global Health

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