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UTMB partners with NGO's in Ecuador to offer global health rotation experience to trainees.


CFHI is a global family of health professionals and students working at the grassroots level. We support our International Partners through community health projects and Global Health Education Programs. CFHI's 20+ programs in 6 countries connect local health professionals with international students -transforming perspectives about self, global health and healing.

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Sexual Health as a Human Right: Ecuador's Unique Model
Andean Health: Patient Care from Hospitals to Community Clinics in Ecuador
Intensive Beginner Spanish and Healthcare in Quito, Ecuador
Amazon Community and Indigenous Health
Reproductive Health in Quito
Urban and Rural Comparative Health

AGS, based on the requirements of each participant, and with the support of our Medical Coordinator and experienced teachers, has designed a customized program combining half day Spanish lessons and half day observational rotations for students and professionals in the medical field, with three primary goals: 1) Development and improvement of language skills in Spanish 2) Exposure to Ecuadorian health settings through observational rotations accompanying doctors or residents in hospitals and clinics in Quito 3) Cultural immersion through home-stay and scheduled excursions to beautiful sites in Ecuador.

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October 12, 2013

Global Health Education Symposium: The Role of Students in Global Health

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