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UTMB offers pre-clinical and clinical electives in Rukungiri and Fort Portal, Uganda.

Nyakibale Hospital, Rukungiri, Uganda
Nyakibale Hospital is a Catholic mission hospital located in the southwestern part of Uganda. It is about 7 hours by paved road from Kampala. It receives roughly 15% of its budget from the Ministry of Health the remainder comes from patient fees and donations.

Nyakibale Hospital is staffed by four general practitioner medical officers and a surgery resident from Mbarara University. Visiting expatriate specialists (mostly missionaries) spend anywhere from a few months to a few years at a time. These volunteers are of varying specialties. Nurses and nursing/midwife students comprise the majority of staff. There are two full-time anesthetists and a radiographer.

Nyakibale Hospital has a ~160 bed capacity. The physical plant is typical of other mission hospitals in the region, containing a male and female medical ward, a male and female surgical ward, and a pediatric ward. There used to be an isolation ward, but it is not used since the introduction of a home DOT program for TB. There is a very large maternity ward with space for expectant mothers, complicated cases, post C-section recovery, nursery, and post-partum recovery. With the exception of a few select private rooms scattered throughout the hospital, patients are in a ward-style layout in very close quarters, with a maximum reported capacity of 25 patients per room. Bed nets are above all beds.

Virika Hospital, Fort Portal, Uganda
Holy Family Virika Hospital is run by the Banyatereza Sisters (an African congregation). It was founded in 1911 and recently celebrated its 100th year of service to the community. In 1994, and earthquake leveled the facility and it was finally re-opened several years later. It is situated in Fort Portal, which is about 298 km from Kampala by paved road. Fort Portal is a relatively large town, with several banks and restaurants. It is situated a short drive from several tourist attractions.

Four doctors make up the medical staff of Virika Hospital. Three are general practitioners (GPs) and one, Dr. Priscilla, is a specialist in Ob/Gyn. Several clinical officers are on staff, as well as a radiographer, three anesthetists, and a lab technician. A nursing school abuts the hospital, and nursing students are visibly active in the wards. There are plans to open a midwife training program as well.

Virika Hospital has a colonial-style layout with a maximum bed capacity of 205. It is divided into male and female medical wards, surgical ward, maternity, and pediatrics. An outpatient department sees most chronic care and primary care cases. An antenatal clinic (staffed by Dr. Priscilla) sees expectant mothers and a separate antenatal clinic across the street from the hospital cares for HIV-infected mothers. That area also provides continuity care for HIV-infected patients, and is staffed by a clinical officer, nurses, and pharmacy technicians.

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