Funding and Fellowship Opportunities

Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation Global Health Program
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Global Health Division aims to harness advances in science and technology to save lives in developing countries. They work with partners to deliver proven tools including vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics as well as discover pathbreaking new solutions that are affordable and reliable. Equally important is innovation in how they bring health interventions to those who need them most. They invest heavily in vaccines to prevent infectious diseases including HIV, polio, and malaria and support the development of integrated health solutions for family planning, nutrition, and maternal and child health. Deadline(s): Ongoing

John Sealy Memorial Endowment Fund for Biomedical Research Bridging Grant Program
The Bridging Grant Program aims to assist UTMB Investigators with unfunded federal grant applications (with a project period of at least two years) that have received favorable reviews and scores, and are eligible for resubmission. Scored A1 applications submitted after 1/1/14 will also be eligible. The Sealy Grant Program will bridge these proposals by providing up to $50,000 for one year. The goal of the Sealy bridge funding is to allow the investigator to carry out the work necessary for submission of a fundable grant application. LOI Deadline(s): 5/1/15

National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases/CDC/DHHS Epicenters for the Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) - Cycle II (U54)
The purpose of this program is to expand the number of CDC Prevention Epicenters to translate basic, epidemiologic and technologic discoveries into new strategies for preventing healthcare-associated transmission of Ebola and/or infectious pathogens (viral or bacterial) that can be spread by mechanisms similar to Ebola. This might include, but is not limited to, project proposals that focus on the effectiveness of personal protective equipment against such pathogens, healthcare worker self-contamination with pathogens, or the role of the healthcare environment in pathogen transmission. LOI Deadline(s): 5/1/15

ASTMH Robert E. Shope International Fellowship in Infectious Diseases
Deadline(s): 5/6/15

American Society for Microbiology Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Young Investigator Award
The Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Young Investigator Award honors outstanding laboratory research in clinical microbiology or antimicrobial agents and is intended to further the career development of a young clinical scientist and promote awareness of clinical microbiology as a career. Deadline(s): 5/15/2015

American Society for Microbiology Merck Irving S. Sigal Memorial Awards
The Merck Irving S. Sigal Memorial Award recognizes and awards excellence in basic research in medical microbiology and infectious diseases. Deadline(s): 5/15/2015

ASTMH Centennial Travel Award in Basic Science Tropical Disease Research
Deadline(s): 6/24/2015

Fogarty International Center/NIH/DHHS Planning Grant for Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program (D71)
Fogarty International Center (FIC) invites applications for new planning grant applications for the Global Infectious Disease (GID) Research Training Program from applicants at low- and middle-income research institutions (LMICs). The application should propose plans to develop a collaborative research training program with a U.S. institution that will strengthen the capacity of the applicant institution to conduct infectious disease (excluding HIV/AIDS and select agents) research. Deadline(s): 6/29/15, 7/29/15

ASTMH Burroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases
Deadline(s): 8/2015
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