Fetal Deaths and Stillbirths

A stillborn fetus weighing over 350 grams or over 20 weeks gestational age requires consent from the next-of-kin for an autopsy and are not to be examined in Surgical Pathology. A foot length of 3.2 cm is the average for a stillborn of 20 weeks according to Potter’s textbook.

A stillborn fetus less than 350 grams in weight or less than 20 weeks gestation with no heartbeat at birth should be sent to Surgical Pathology with a Surgical Pathology requisition form.

Placentas of any fetal demise need to be sent to surgical pathology.

Following the death of a stillborn fetus, the pronouncing physician, nursing service and Autopsy Service complete all required decedent affairs paperwork. The pronouncing physician is responsible for contacting the legal next-of-kin and discussing autopsy with the legal next-of-kin.
UTMB offers an autopsy at no charge.

In-patient form: Form 5012

UTMB Retention

The legal next-of-kin of any stillborn fetus (regardless of weight) can give UTMB full responsibility for the disposition of the body in this case, the body will be disposed in accordance with customary medical practice (complete Section 5 of Form 5012). If the next-of-kin selects hospital disposition, they will not receive the ashes. There is no charge for this service.

If the next-of-kin requests a funeral home release on a Surgical Pathology fetus, complete section 5 of the Form 5012. Send Form 5012 with fetus to surgical pathology.


Autopsy Service
Contact Information

518 Clinical Sciences Building
Phone: x22810 - Fax: x29045

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
7:30am to 4:00pm
Closed on weekends and holidays

Bodies are released from the morgue during normal business hours. Any exceptions must be authorized by the Autopsy Supervisor.


ED Form 5012
Form 5012