Transportation Department Responsibiliteis

When there is a death, the Transportation Department is responsible for the following:

Transport the body to Autopsy morgue

  • Check ID on body
  • Check for any personal belongings
  • Decedent Affairs paperwork (DAP) with current and old medical records
  • Transfer body onto transport morgue gurney

  • Transfer body to walk-in cooler gurney

    Record decedent information in Mortuary Record Log Book (Room 517). Record the following:

  • Decedent name
  • Age
  • Race/Sex
  • Date of death
  • Time body received in morgue
  • Body delivered to morgue by: employee signature
  • Leave decedent chart or paperwork in room 517
  • If there is insufficient space in walk-in cooler after hours:

  • Notify Clinical Operations Administrators (COA) for assistance
  • Transfer body onto tables in the Autopsy rooms
  • Do not leave any unattended transport morgue gurneys or the top portion of the gurney in the hallways. All transport morgue gurneys must be returned to the Transportation department once the death call has been completed.


    Autopsy Service
    Contact Information

    518 Clinical Sciences Building
    Phone: x22810 - Fax: x29045

    Hours of Operation
    Monday thru Friday
    8:00am to 5:00pm
    Closed on weekends and holidays

    Bodies are released from the morgue during normal business hours.

    For any questions related to transporting bodies to the Hospital Morgue after hours, please contact:
    Clinical Operations Administrators
    Pager: (409)643-2801