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Current Research Projects

The UTMB Department of Dermatology requires that each resident complete a scholarly project during their residency.

Audra L. Clos, M.D.

Immunohistochemical Analysis in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers with an Anti-Nicastrin Antibody (ab45425); a Novel Staining Pattern.

It has been observed that patients with Alzheimer's disease receiving certain immunotherapies developed an increased amount of non-melanoma skin cancers, to such a degree that therapy is aborted. This is thought to be secondary to decreased levels of protein complexes that may act as tumor suppressors in the skin and are important for the normal maturation and division of skin cells. Our project delves into the specific proteins of this complex and analyzes expression of these proteins in human skin tumors and in the surrounding normal skin epithelium. 
Faculty mentor: Brent C. Kelly, MD

Brandon Goodwin, M.D.


Lindsey Hunter-Ellul, M.D.

Prescription Practices Among Texas Dermatologists

After obtaining expedited approval from the Institutional Review Board for her anonymous professional survey and receiving permission from the Texas Dermatological Society (TDS), Dr. Hunter-Ellul surveyed members of the TDS at their annual spring meeting to compare prescription practices of dermatologists in private and academic settings.  A detailed report about her findings will be published in an upcoming Texas Dermatology Society’s Newsletter.
Faculty mentor:  Dr. Richard Wagner

Tanya Trynosky, M.D.

Improving Patient Safety and Education with Cosmetic Consents

The research project starts by creating a specific consent form for a variety of cosmetic procedures and ensuring they are placed in every patient room. Then a process map of the exchange of the completed consent from the patient room to their electronic medical record will be made. At the end of the project, we expect to have increased electronic record of written informed consents for cosmetic procedures.
Faculty mentor:  Dr. Bernard Gibson