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ECI Launch About Our Program

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ECI Launch is a statewide program for families with children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays. ECI Launch supports families to help their children reach their potential through developmental services. Services are provided by a variety of local agencies and organizations across Texas.

State and federally funded through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, P.L. 108-446), ECI Launch provides evaluations and assessments, at no cost to families, to determine eligibility and need for services. Families and professionals work as a team to plan appropriate services based on the unique needs of the child and family. ECI Launch asks families who can afford to do so, to share in the cost of services. The amount a family pays for ECI services is determined using a sliding fee scale and is based on family size and income after allowable deductions. No child and family will be turned away because of an inability to pay.

ECI Launch goes to families and focuses on working with the child and family in their natural environment, such as at home, grandma's, or a child care center. Essentially, it's where children live, learn and play.

Research shows that growth and development are most rapid in the early years of life. The earlier problems are identified, the greater the chance of eliminating them. Early intervention responds to the critical needs of children and families by:

  • promoting development and learning,
  • providing support to families,
  • coordinating services, and
  • decreasing the need for costly special programs.

ECI Launch is here to help and can become an important resource for all families. For more information about ECI Launch, call (281) 534-6755.

ECI Launch provides evaluations, at no cost to families, to determine eligibility and the need for services. Families and professionals work together as a team to plan appropriate services based on the unique strengths and needs of the child and family. Services are provided in the home and in community settings such as child care facilities, play groups and Mothers' Day Out programs. For help in locating ECI Launch services, please call our toll-free Care Line, or use our search feature to find a service or program in your area.

Click here to read the ECI State Newsletter.

Reach Us Here
Telephone:(281) 534-6755
FAX:(281) 534-4270
Mailing Address:
301 University Blvd.
Galveston TX 77555-1025
Physical Address:
304 Tanglewood
Dickinson, TX 77359

UTMB's ECI Launch is part of a statewide program sponsored by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

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