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ECI Launch FAQ

What Is A Comprehensive Developmental Evaluation?
When a child is referred to ECI Launch for a developmental concern we always provide a full comprehensive evaluation. This is not a test of parenting skills or a test for your child. It is rather a wonderful playtime with you, your child and 2 ECI Launch service providers. We get down on the floor with you and your little one. As we play together, ECI Launch staff talk with you about your child's daily routines, strengths & challenges and complete a skills checklist (DAECY) of all the things your child can do in each area of development: Speech/Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Early Thinking Skills, Social/Emotional and Self Help Skills
Planning for Services
Parent & ECI Launch Service Providers discuss the developmental evaluation, your child's strengths/needs and the parent's goals for your child. Family strengths/needs are also discussed. An Individualized Family Service Plan is written based on goals. Frequency of service and the service provider is dependent on a child's & family's needs and schedule. Services begin within 28 days of the IFSP.
Once your child is enrolled with ECI Launch Services may include:

    Auditory (Healing) and Vision Services: We can work with physicians and local school districts who provide hearing and vision services as needed.
    Case Management: We can help families access and receive the services, resources and supports they need to support their child's development.
    Nutrition Services: Your child's dietary needs can be evaluated and monitored by a pediatric dietitian/nutritionist. Infants born premature or children who have a diagnosis such as "failure to thrive" may benefit from such services due to difficulty gaining weight.
    Occupational Therapy: Helps the function and engagement of infants and toddlers and their families in everyday routines. We can coach families to help them integrate interventions for the everyday activities of life.
    Physical Therapy: We can help identify and reduce movement disabilities. We do this by designing and providing adaptive or assistive devices to help your child.
    Service Coordination: We can help your child and family get services, provide you with information about ECI services and find other services in the community that fit your child and families needs. A service coordinator may work with you and your family to support your child's development.
    Specialized Skills Training: This unique service provides family coaching on infant and toddler development and behavior. We understand how infants and toddlers learn, socialize and how these development areas connect.
    Speech Therapy: We can help children learn to communicate as well as assist with feeding issues. It is frustrating for a child when they are not able to communicate with others, this can lead to unpleasant behaviors like temper tantrums and biting. We can assist and coach families on different techniques that can be implemented during daily routines.

 All Families of Enrolled Children receive:
  • Service Coordination
  • Transition Services
How Much Do ECI Launch Services Cost?
All assessment and planning services are provided in the home or daycare at no cost to you. Developmental services are provided on a sliding fee scale for families whose incomes are more than 400% of the Federal poverty level. ECI Launch asks families who can afford to do so, to share in the cost of services. The amount a family pays for ECI Launch service is based on family size and income after allowable deductions. No child and family will be turned away because of an inability to pay. Those families receiving any Medicaid or federal assistance never pay for ECI Launch services.
What is the Family Cost Share Policy
See the State DARS/ECI link here.
How to Make a Referral
See the Referral page
Who can make a referral?
Parents, friends, neighbors, physicians, health and human services agencies, or anyone who is interested in children may make referrals to ECI.
When will ECI Launch Staff contact me?
ECI Launch staff will contact you within 2-5 days of the referral and schedule an Intake — an orientation to ECI Launch and a chance to do some basic screenings for your child. A Comprehensive Evaluation and Service Plan meeting will take place in 45 days or less from the day of referral based on a parent's schedule. See the Referral Page

UTMB's ECI Launch is part of a statewide program sponsored by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

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