UTMB Alerts Emergency Notification System

How to Add or Update Your Information

UTMB Alerts is UTMB’s Emergency Notification System. In a campus emergency, UTMB will use several information delivery methods because, at any given time, one form of communications might be better to reach you than another. To add or update your information, follow these steps:

1. Access the Online Directory

Access the directory

2. Log into Oracle to access your profile

3. Navigate in Oracle to Emergency Notification


4. Add or update your information and "Save"

Recommended UTMB Alerts Priority Settings

Add your mobile information as your first preference.

1. SMS (text)
2. Mobile phone (business or personal)
3. Business phone (direct line preferred)
4. Business email
5. Personal email
6. Home phone

If you have questions about UTMB Alerts, email utmb.alerts@utmb.edu.

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